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It's often assumed that when we send someone an email, the recipient will get it. But, how can we be sure of that?

Quite frankly, we can't. Or at least we can't without the help of MSGTagz!

Let's be honest, in these modern times, with the ever increasing number of spam emails people receive, anti-spam software that more often that not just get's things plain wrong. So how can MSGTagz help? Read on..

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MSGTagz: Reliable Email Read Notifications

MSGTagz is a revolution in email technology which now makes it possible to 'know' when your emails get opened. Now you don't need to 'wonder' if your emails have been read, ever again!

MSGTagz alerts you (the sender) the moment they read the email. This is done via a desktop popup and also by email (i.e. MSGTagz emails the sender when the recipient opens the email). These notification options are fully customizable.

Best of all, it's really easy to setup and comes complete with a step by step quick-start guide. All you need to know is your email provider's SMTP settings. Don't have these? Just Google them or ask your email provider!

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How Much Does MSGTagz Cost? It's 100% FREE!

MSGTagz is free, not just free for today, nor just for a while, but free forever!

So, what's the catch? A small MSGTagz promotional graphic at the bottom of your emails & that's about it.

Don't want the banner to be shown? No problem, you can upgrade for less than 10¢ a day and hide the banner!
Free Version vs. Paid Version

So, you think you might just love MSGTagz enough to take it to the next level? Let's see what you get when you upgrade:

Free Version Paid Version
Invisible MSGTagz Email Footer No Yes
Email Account Limit 1 Unlimited
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