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How Does MSGTagz Work

Allow us to explain..

1) Download & Install

You download and install the MSGTagz software to your computer.
2) Configure

Provide the MSGTagz application with the required email address information, then configure your email client (i.e. Outlook or Thunderbird etc) to route your outbound emails through MSGTagz.

Instructions on how to do this can be found in our quick-start guide!
3) You Send An Email As Normal

Nothing more for you to worry about, you just use your email client as normal!
4) MSGTagz Technology Does It's Magic

As the email routes through your MSGTagz application, it will insert some special code into the email that no one can see!
5) Recipient Opens The Email & Notification Is Sent

The special code is executed when the email is opened which then notifies you instantly that the email has been opened!